The outbreak of World War I is a historic event that forms a caesura separating the old times from the contemporary ones in the general meaning of the term. After that war, nothing was longer the same. It was a blow not only to nations, by changing state borders, but it also transformed philosophical, cultural, and ethical foundations of civilization.

Therefore it would be befitting to conclude this Exhibition with some war reference. Apart from the first photograph presented in this Chapter, they all come from the collection of Marian Dąbrowski (1882-1925), Polish social-political and educational activist; starting from August 1914, a soldier of Piłsudski’s Legions; founder of Legion Military Universities (the first one in 1916); historian and columnist, chronicler of the whole Legions’ campaign.

The photographs were bequested to the Museum of Literature by Maria Dąbrowska, Polish novelist (Marian’s wife from 1911), initially as a deposit, and have been recently purchased from the Writer’s Inheritance Committee represented by her nephew Dr Jerzy Szumski.


Reportage from the Volhynia Campaign 1915-1916





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